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ADC has 2 profiles


ProfileOffice or Accounting firm

Profile for companies that handle information to many customers and want to have a tool to improve communication and monitoring accounting information



ProfileCustomer or Independent Office

Profile for people or areas within a company who want to protect their financial information, to have all the benefits of ADC and is not required to be associated with an office and / or accounting firm



General optionsBoth profiles

The paper work, Statements and Policies sections are groups to facilitate information search and locate immediately


My Documents, you can upload all documents and / or information you want to protect (nobody else can access this information)

Main functions

== Upload documents ==



Or simply dragging and dropping from your computer


== Filtering ==

By type of document to locate it immediately, it supports files doc, docx, pdf, ppt, pptx, rar, txt, xls, xlsx, xml, xps and zip


== Options ==


Edit = For security reasons ADC does not allow editing the document online, only to modify the name of the document

Delete = The document is deleted and automatically moves to the Recycle Bin section (can recover if necessary)

Read or comment = You can comment on each of your documents for better control and monitoring of accounting information (Client – Office / Accountig firm or Account Firm / Office – Client)



Each type of document (within the allowed formats) can be displayed within the system


In the case of billing files (XML) shows the invoice data (sender, recipient, amount, etc.) and status (valid / Cancelled) according to current information SAT


Note: For security of information, the preview only shows the contents of the document in read mode, if required edit will need to download, edit and re-upload



doc, docx, doc, ppt, pptx, xls, xlsx, pdf, xps, xml, zip, rar, txt
No you dont’s, you can upload all your accounting information without any restrictions of space.
No you don’t, you can invite and manage all customers want because each customer is responsible for acquiring your own subscription 
No, you dont’, you can  puede tener todas las cuentas que desee (hay que pagar el costo por cada una) con diferente nombre de usuario ya que cada usuario está asociado a una empresa (cada empresa es independiente) y si ud. lo desea puede registrarse con el mismo correo electrónico para las notificaciones y comunicación con su despacho / firma contable.


Do you have any questions?

For any questions or comments you are at your service in or the phone (55) 5368 4478 (spanish)